FiFi4All.i2p = Freedom of Information by access over a Free Internet for All

FiFi = (Fi)re (Fi)ghting, which is need to protect our

FiFi4All.i2p = (F)reedom of (I)nformation by access over a (F)ree (I)nternet for All


  1. To provide a manual, which helps you to obtain or transmit information freely, private and anonymous as possible
  2. Describe a general proof of concept or white paper, explaining which developments should be taken to achieve this goal world wide


Simplified threat model

Concerning loss of anonymity:

Concerning information: there is only one threat! Not enough independent, unbiased information sources.

Basic security concept

The basic security concept is based on the blog post by the following three aspects:

  1. Security by Correctness
  2. Security by Isolation
  3. Security by Obscurity

for every layer of the OSI model. These three rsecurity aspects should of course also be applied to hardware and software of the used the communication devices.

Initial counter measures

Concerning anonymity:

Concerning information: check out the following websites:

Verification/ PDCA

Of course software should be made available to verify, that the above mentioned criteria are held upright in the sense of Plan, Do, Check, Act.

Getting used to

An initial introduction of improving your freedoms and anonymity is using:

This website

How to contribute?

Next steps



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